Liposuction & Liposculpture 

Many people struggle to get rid of stubborn pockets of unwanted fat. Even with exercise and a healthy diet, some  areas of fat remain. If you have problem areas caused by stubborn fat and seek a smoother body contour, liposuction may offer the enhancement you seek.

Liposuction / Liposculpture (Lipoplasty) removes problem deposits of fat from specific areas of the body, face or neck. It can be used to contour the thighs and hips, smooth the abdomen, shape the calves or eliminate a double chin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Men and women of all ages and body types can benefit from liposuction treatments. It should be noted, however, that liposuction is not a weight loss program, but a procedure used to contour the body. Candidates should already be fairly close to their ideal weight before undergoing liposuction. The procedure is commonly sought by people who have deposits of excess fat making certain areas appear disproportionately large.

Though people of almost any age can be good candidates for liposuction, good skin elasticity is needed to achieve a smooth contour. You may be a good candidate for liposuction if you seek fat removal or contouring in any of the following areas:

– Abdomen and midriff
– Flanks and hips
– Inner and Outer Thighs
– Anterior and Posterior Thighs
– Inner knees
– Back and breasts
– Chin and neck
– Arms
– Calves

Though liposuction offers great benefits to the look and contour of the body, there tends to be some confusion as to what the procedure can and cannot do.

Liposuction can

– Be performed in conjunction with other cosmetic surgery procedures or in several areas at once. Though their may be additional risks involved with combining  procedures, your cosmetic surgeon can help you evaluate these risks and decide which combinations are safe to undergo.

– Be used as a treatment for gynecomastia (male breast enlargement).

Liposuction can’t…

– Serve as a substitute for dieting and exercise
– Treat cellulite

A personal consultation with your surgeon is the first step for any patient considering liposuction. Dr John McHugh will assess your physical and emotional health, discuss your aesthetic goals, and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Issues you should be prepared to discuss during consultation with Dr. McHugh include:

– Medical conditions, both past and present
– Current medications, including nutritional supplements and herbal remedies
– Previous surgeries
– Weight loss history and goals

Since some medical conditions may complicate a liposuction procedure, you should be prepared to discuss any conditions you may have such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease. Any surgeries you’ve undergone near the targeted area may also complicate the procedure and should be discussed with Dr McHugh.

Depending on the areas in which you would like treatment, you may be asked to undress for assessment of the extent of correction needed. Be prepared to discuss your specific treatment goals and to point out the exact areas where you would like to see improvement. Dr McHugh will likely assess your skin elasticity and the thickness of the underlying fat in the target area. He will also check your weight and ask if you are planning to lose or gain weight in the future. Weight fluctuation after liposuction can affect the contouring results achieved.

Liposuction uses small incisions made near the treatment area. These incisions are concealed within the body’s natural folds whenever possible.

A thin, hollow tube called a cannula is then inserted through the incisions and used to break apart and suction out unwanted fat using a vacuum-pressure unit, or in some cases, a hand-held syringe.

There are currently several variations to the basic liposuction technique. The method Dr McHugh uses with you depends upon your individual features, physical needs and aesthetic goals.

Though thousands of people undergo liposuction each year and experience no major complications, the procedure does carry some degree of risk.

It is important you be well informed of these risks when considering liposuction.

The discussion of potential risks and complications is one of the most important aspects of patient consultation.

During your consultation, Dr McHugh will discuss these potential complications with you, listen to your safety questions, and offer recommendations on how to minimise your risk.

It is important to follow Dr McHugh’s instructions when preparing for surgery to ensure the best possible results. Those instructions may include:

– Refraining from smoking for several weeks before and after surgery
– Avoiding certain medications
– Arranging for help following surgery, such as a ride home and in-home care for the first 24 hours after you leave the hospital

For your comfort and convenience, Dr McHugh operates either in his clinic under local anaesthetic with intravenous sedation in the operating theatre in our Penrith clinic, or under general anaesthetic at various private hospitals.

He will carefully monitor your physical status throughout the operation and during your recovery.

When the procedure is complete, you will be taken to a recovery area wearing a compression garment over the treatment area. The garment is used to aid healing and control swelling and should be worn continuously throughout your first stage of healing. Though you may experience some soreness, it is generally well-controlled with medication.

You will be encouraged to get out of bed shortly after the surgery. Keep in mind that the speed of your recovery depends largely on the extent of your surgery. Though everyone heals at a different pace, you can expect your recovery to roughly follow this general time line:

Within the first week

– The swelling will reach its peak and then begin to subside.
– You may return to non-strenuous work.
– Your stitches may be removed

After several weeks

– Bruises will fade and eventually disappear
– You should regain normal sensation in treatment areas
– Normal exercise and activities may be resumed
– Swelling will continue to subside.

After liposuction, your results will emerge gradually as your swelling and fluid retention subsides. Though you may notice some improvement in shape after a couple of weeks, it may take three months or more for your final results to appear.

Liposuction results are permanent, as long as you maintain you postoperative weight. Even if you do gain a few kilos, you may find that the weight distributes itself more evenly on you body after the procedure.

Patients report great improvement to their body contour after liposuction.

Dr John McHugh plastic surgeon
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Dr John McHugh is Australia's only surgeon qualified in both Maxillofacial and Cosmetic surgery.

His dual specialisations enable him to deliver excellence in surgical results, with an eye for aesthetic beauty.

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