The cost of a consultation is $170.  If you have a referral and a Medicare card, you will be able to receive a partial rebate from Medicare, which is approximately 40% of the fee.  You may also receive an on the spot rebate from your private health insurer.


As a rough guide, uninsured patients typically pay a total of $3550 for extraction of all four wisdom teeth.  

If you do have private health coverage, your out of pocket costs may be as little as your policy excess plus anaesthetic fees.


A rough estimate of Dr John McHugh's surgical fees for this procedure is approximately $570 per tooth, or $1800 for all four wisdom teeth. We would be able to provide a clearer quote upon consultation. 


Our theatre fee for this surgery is approximately $1300 and is not claimable through private health insurance or Medicare. If you are in a health fund and have hospital cover, you may elect to have this procedure in hospital as a day surgery procedure, and consequently this fee would not apply. Depending on your level of hospital cover, this fee may be as little as your policy excess.


A rough estimate of the anaesthetic fee for this procedure is approximately $450 - $600. This fee is also partly claimable through private health insurance and Medicare.  Patients typically receive just under 50% of the anaesthetic fee back from Medicare. To ascertain your level of private health cover, please contact your insurer.

If we can assist you further, or if you would like to book a consultation, please contact us on 02 4721 8838.