The cost of a consultation with Dr McHugh is $170.


We will be able to provide you with an exact quote following a consultation with Dr McHugh, where he will work with you to create a treatment plan tailored to achieving your desired outcomes.

Keep in mind that the cost provided below is only an estimate. Your costs may be higher, and will vary according to your private health coverage, the length of time the surgery is anticipated to take, your body type and desired outcome. 

To obtain an exact cost estimate for your surgery, a consultation with Dr McHugh is necessary.


To obtain a closer estimate of surgery, please click HERE to request a quote.  

Medicare and private health insurance rebates do not apply to liposuction surgery.

This fee is comprised of three components:


A rough estimate of Dr John McHugh's surgical fees for this procedure are approximately $2500 per area, with the cost per area reducing with each additional area.    All aftercare and a compression garment is included in our surgical fees quote.


The hospital fee is roughly $5000 - $7000, based on a typical surgery time (hospital fees are determined by length of surgery). 


If you are only having a short procedure, it can be performed at our clinic in Penrith by Dr McHugh, typically using the same anaesthetist as you would have in hospital.  If the procedure is performed at our clinic, the hospital fee does not apply, and instead, a theatre fee of $1500 - $1800 applies.


A rough estimate of the anaesthetic fee for this procedure is approximately $600 per hour, depending on the length of time your surgery takes.  Typical liposuction procedures take three hours, which is roughly $1800.


If we can assist you further, or if you would like to book a consultation, please contact us on 02 4721 8838.