A personal consultation with your surgeon is the first step for any patient considering breast augmentation. Dr McHugh believes in careful patient consultation to assess your physical and emotional health, discuss your aesthetic goals, and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Issues you should be prepared to discuss during consultation with Dr McHugh include:

-  Your specific aesthetic goals

-  Medical conditions, both past and present
-  Current medications, including nutritional supplements and herbal remedies

-  Past surgeries

-  Family breast cancer history

-  Any mammogram results

Clear communication with Dr McHugh about your aesthetic goals is essential at this time. Issues of implant size, shape and type, as well as implant placement will affect your final result. All these options will be thoroughly discussed during consultation.

There are also certain post-surgical factors that may affect your breast augmentation results. Future pregnancies and weight fluctuations can change your breast size and shape after surgery. Dr McHugh will discuss these factors with you during consultation.

As part of your consultation, Dr McHugh will examine your breasts, evaluating their size, shape, and skin tone, as well as nipple placement. He may also choose to photograph you for your medical record. For the sake of safety, a baseline mammogram is sometimes recommended before surgery for use in detecting future changes in breast tissue. It should be noted that after surgery, your mammograms will take more time and care. Special imaging techniques will be required to accommodate the breast implants.

For a more complete rejuvenation, Dr McHugh may discuss additional procedures that can be performed along with breast augmentation. Patients frequently combine breast augmentation with:

-  Tummy tuck: to remove excess skin and tighten lax muscle in the abdomen
-  Liposuction: to sculpt problem areas such as the hips, thighs and tummy
-  Breast lift: to address drooping and sagging

What should I expect from my breast augmentation consultation?