If you choose to remove your breast implants, you can then opt to replace them with the same size, a smaller size, a larger size, or to forego implants altogether.


Breast implant removal is less complicated if it’s not triggered by a problem (like a rupture, leak, or capsule contracture), so if you do have breast implants, it recommended that you visit your surgeon periodically for general checks.

Breast lift surgery is a popular procedure for women who choose to remove (and not replace) their breast implants, as this can correct any stretching that took place due to the implants.  Click here to learn more about breast lift surgery, or select any of the questions below relating to breast implant surgery.  You will find that many of the answers also relate to breast augmentation surgery, as the procedure is very similar.

As each patient has a different frame and body type, Dr McHugh works closely with each patient to tailor the type, size and placement of implants to your desired outcome.