A personal consultation with your surgeon is the first step for any patient considering abdominoplasty. Dr McHugh will assess your physical and emotional health, discuss your aesthetic goals, and address any questions or concerns you may have.


Issues you should be prepared to discuss during consultation with Dr McHugh include:

- Medical conditions, both past and present
- Current medications, including nutritional supplements and herbal remedies
- Previous surgeries
- Weight loss history and goals

During your initial examination, Dr McHugh will evaluate:

- The quality and elasticity of your abdominal skin
- The status of the underlying abdominal muscles
- The amount of excess fat in the area
- The location of any existing scars

In men and women with limited issues to correct, Dr McHugh may suggest alternate treatment options, such as liposuction or a mini-tummy tuck. Patients are encouraged to ask any questions they might have while exploring their cosmetic treatment options before surgery.


Our clinic is conveniently located in Penrith, and Dr McHugh also works from Sydney and Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.  Simply contact us at our Penrith clinic on 02 4721 8838 to schedule an appointment at any of Dr McHugh's locations.

What should I expect from the consultation?